Thursday, November 17, 2005

Who is PLANO 21

PLANO 21.associação cultural

PLANO 21 is an association devoted to the investigation, implementation and promotion of contemporary culture in its various areas and artistic expressions.

PLANO 21 presents itself as an open platform for reunion and wide-ranged discussion. Its goal is to set off events that allow for the crossover between artists, creators, experts and the general public.

As such, PLANO 21 designs, produces and promotes a diverse group of independent projects, and coordinates exhibitions, seminars, concerts, publications and performances. It also aims at producing and promoting external projects that are submitted to the association.

Founded in November 2004 with the status of non-profit cultural institution, PLANO 21 gave form (and created the legal configuration) to an informal group that had been collaborating in various projects since 1999, which included: PLANO XXI, Portuguese contemporary art, cinema & music (Glasgow, 00) – grand event/international show of visual arts, music and cinema by Portuguese artists –, URBANLAB_Bienal da Maia 2001 (Maia, 01) – visual arts exhibition and performances which took place in different locations throughout the city of Maia, Portugal, and the programme of the IN.TRANSIT Project (Porto, since 02) – an independent show space in Porto that has been presenting the work of new artists and creators.

2005, our first year of activity, saw various projects developed by the association in the cities of Oeiras, Porto and Lisbon.Together with the regular programming of the IN.TRANSIT Project in Porto, the association produced the project TERMINAL at Hangar K7 of Fundição de Oeiras, an old industrial plant with an area of 4,000sqrm in which the weapons for the Portuguese Colonial War were produced. The following exhibitions were presented at that space: “Em Fractura. Colisão de territórios” (April-June 05) and “Toxic. O discurso do excesso” (July-October 05). Involving approximately 80 creators (artists, designers, architects, musicians and performers), about 50 new works were created for the occasion. A cycle of conferences and discussions in which the “State of the Art in Portugal” was discussed was organized. The main players of the Portuguese contemporary art world participated in the discussions.

Alongside its main projects, in 2005 PLANO 21 financed and provided logistical support to the production of new works by artists, which were presented in exhibitions organized by other entities.
The management of the association PLANO 21: Paulo Mendes (visual artist and curator); Sandra Vieira Jürgens (art historian and art critic) and Inês Moreira (architect and researcher).

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